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GUESTPOSTNET is a Premium Guest Post and Blogger Outreach service. We enable you to reach 1000s of verified bloggers from various categories on a single platform. We offer the easiest way to get high-quality, natural, white-hat in-content links to your site to help you boost your rankings and get more referral traffic to your site.

Who we are

We are a small team of developers and marketing professionals creating innovative web solutions. For over a decade, we have built and grown successful customer solutions like BestDoctor.com and Sehat.com.

How it all started

While trying to grow our web-based businesses, we sought out guest posting as a way to increase traffic. However, it soon proved to be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavour. Even after significant marketing investments in guest posting, less than 1 in every 20 bloggers we contacted ended up posting for us. Eventually, as our traffic grew, we began receiving requests from other businesses seeking guest posts on our sites. Although the prospect of additional revenue was exciting, we often had to reject these offers for failing to meet our content quality guidelines.


We realized there had to be a better way. We wanted to help businesses operationalize guest posting to grow their traffic while also allowing bloggers to make additional revenue without compromising their content quality. To date, we’ve helped over 3200 businesses…


GUESTPOSTNET offers a wide range of white-hat guest posting, content writing, and content marketing services for brand outreach and awareness. Skyrocket your online presence with carefully curated, original, niche-relevant content and guest posting services.


Unique methodology

Get high-quality backlinks without replying to emails and sharing CSV files, everything will be done by our in-house experts.


Guaranteed results

You will get what you pay for! We don’t hold your money if you aren’t satisfied with the backlink. (T&C Apply*)


Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide you with the right platform to grow your website effortlessly. With GuestPostNet, experts will be just a message away from solving all the guest posting issues


Meet our team

GUESTPOSTNET brings together a core team of SEO experts from around the world. Our full-time staff of 15 are supplemented by an extended network that brings further in-depth knowledge, skills, and perspectives to our wide range of services.

Saurabh Kumar (沁宇)

Founder & CEO




何碧 (Hebi)

Business Development Manager




Daniel Cartland

Head of SEO & Content




David James

Link building Manager




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